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Yl@tis - Customer Care and Billing

With the Customer Care and Billing (CCB) you can manage the entire process involved in the procedure of servicing and in the calculation and billing of customers.

It automates the customer care, billing, meter readings,collections and other procedures of organizations that offer utility services. This means it is based on existing procedures but with added bonus of greater efficiency and accuracy.


The system itself is highly versatile due to it being fully parameterised.

This combined with an integrated registry of installations and consumers facilitates great flexibility for you to search for any information requested.

Any one user can facilitate on-the-spot enquiries that give a full picture of consumers’ activities. They can also specify transaction types, system users, penalties, price rankings and much more.


  Expected Benefits
You can have all the information you need at your fingertips through the complete archive of history consumption, charges, payments and applications maintained. Develop your customer relationship and improve the productivity of your organization. The CCB offers your organization various specialized facilities. hold.

A barcode on a bill is one of the many features offered. This makes creates efficiency as you can quickly and accurately read the bill with a barcode reader. Customer service is always a high priority that is why this system supports services such as the filling of application forms and application approval as well as allowing them to be circulated electronically.



Improve your access to information. You are provided with the availability of various statistical reports (e.g based on consumption, history, unaccounted consumption etc.) combined with their high quality formats, making them easy to understand, so you can greatly improve operational efficiency and productivity.

You are also given the ability to grow at low costs and short implementation periods due to the advanced administration levels of the CCB.

The CCB offers you easy to use software, which means data, can be kept up to date and accurate. This helps improve the response times helping you better serve your customers. This makes it easy to understand why the Utility Billing System has already been implemented at a large organization such as the Nicosia Water Board.


  • Multiple Regions / Multi-Period / Multi-Tariffs
        and Multi-Ranking
  • Compatible with Government Standards
  • Point of Sale System
  • Meter Readings using Hand Held Computers
  • Installation/Connection
  • Cuts/Disconnections
  • Swage Fees
  • Imposed Penalties
  • Unaccounted Water Consumption



  • Interfaces with Payment Points e.g. banks
  • Interface with GIS / Document Management
  • Internet Access
  • Statistic Analysis
  • Batch Processing for:
    • Issuing Bills
    • Standing Orders to Banks
    • Charge Penalties
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Download the pdf here.

    Download the pdf here.
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