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Yl@tis STOCK

With Yl@tis-Stock you can administer the most valuable and most risky part of your enterprise.

It is designed for virtually all types of enterprise ranging form local business to large organizations, especially for trading and manufacturing companies covering also the Government and Semi-government sector.

The effectiveness of this system provides you with a vast amount of information at your fingertips when it is needed.



The system is designed to provide a flexibility that allows it to adapt to the changing needs of a company. It covers activities from simple ordering, goods receive procedures to complicate and automated ordering, goods receiving through on line hand held computers thus minimising the errors, the risk and maximising the production and profit.

Each module of the system is designed to eliminate human errors and to maximise productivity and profit. The on-line availability of information provided through the system is not only necessary for a number of people in an organisation, but the necessity expands to fast access to up-to-minute stock records.


  Yl@tis-Stock provides you with highly detailed reports that can give you all the information that you require. The results presented are accurate and follow all requirements of a modern company combining static with transactional and statistical information.

The information presented can help you not only on the day-to-day work but at the management level as well. The records kept in the system allow you to keep track of historical information, enabling the managers and store keepers to control the reserves to the appropriate levels.




The system itself is highly secure and is governed by hierarchical security system. Yl@tis-Stock is a system that provides on-line access to the stock records and is interfaced with the financial and management information enabling the management, through the reporting mechanism, to have a global picture of stocks and financial records as well.

The advanced design maximise the results and reduces the work that is to be done manually, for example goods received physical stock taking, through the usage of wireless hand held computers and powerful reporting mechanism, which leads to time-saving and provides greater efficiency. Yl@tis-Stock is a vital tool for all organizations that have their sights set on the future.


  • Multi Company / Multi Currency / Multi Store
  • Unlimited Number of Items
  • Categorizing
  • Taxes/Excise Duties
  • Purchase and Sales Orders
  • Goods Receipts, Transfers
  • Pricelists
  • VAT
  • Automatic Replenishment


  • Shelves/Colours/Sizes
  • Suppliers / Payments
  • Physical Stock Taking
  • Dynamic Generation of Transactions
  • Goods on Consignment
  • Transactions through Hand Held Computers
  • Multiple Coding / Bar-coding Scheme
  • FIFO/Weighted Average Costing Method
  • Dynamic Report Generation
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