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DICOEMS is a STREP project aiming at providing an integrated environment for cooperation of actors of the medical sector (doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff) to assist them to perform proper, i.e., quick and accurate decision making, in critical situations, where data is collected from care providers on the incident field. DICOEMS focuses its efforts in cases of emergency situations. Under such stressed and time critical conditions, the care provider (a medical doctor, nurse, paramedical personnel etc.) who is in charge of the patient needs a user-friendly utility to:

    acquire critical medical data (such as vital signs) to assess the medical condition
    offer appropriate first-aid
    communicate the findings and patient status to a network of health experts -no matter where they are physically located- and closely cooperate under their guidance for the effective management of the emergency
    provide information about the specific geographic area. Given this functionality, the care provider can specify on-demand, real-time, accurate information and receive precious guidance in the management of the incident.
    On the other hand, the health experts are offered a valuable set of tools and resources that enable their early participation in handling medical emergencies, thus contributing significantly to reducing risk and making informed decisions promptly. The system allow the establishment of an interactive ambulance-to-hospital-to external experts collaborative system, readily available during emergencies for effective emergency support. DICOEMS will be a user friendly environment that will serve as a tool to the emergencies staff to perform activities that are relevant to evaluation, diagnosis and then treatment in remote and critical situations, where the patient/citizen might not have immediate access to advanced medical laboratories for various types of analyses.

For further information on Dicoems project, please visit the Dicomes Website.


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