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Financial Management

With Yl@tis-FM you can administer all financial aspects of your company from simple book keeping to complicate financial analysis and budgeting.

It is designed for virtually all types of enterprise ranging form local business to large
organizations, especially Government and Semi-Government organizations.

The effectiveness of this system provides you with a vast amount of information at your fingertips.



The system is designed to provide a flexibility that allows it to adapt to the changing needs of a company. It covers accounting activities from simple bookkeeping to complicate management ones helping in the decision-making.

Each individual section provides access to a variety of information for each account but also analysis on every single transaction. The availability of information is not only necessary for a number of people in an organisation, but the necessity expands to fast access to up-to-date accounts data.


  Expected Benefits
Yl@tis-FM provides you with highly detailed reports that can give you all the information that you require. The results presented are accurate and follow all requirements by audit and accounting practises

The information presented can help you not only on the day-to-day work but at the management level as well. The records kept in the system allow you to keep track of information, not only for the current year but as many years as the hardware
can hold.



  The system itself is highly secure and is governed by hierarchical security system. Yl@tis-FM is a system that allows you to process, at the same time, data for financial and management information enabling the users, through the reporting mechanism, to keep track not only the daily work but the management activities as well.

The advanced design maximise the results and reduces the work that is to be done manually, for example issuing cheques and analysis of expenses through a simple but powerful reporting mechanism, which leads to time-saving and provides greater efficiency. Yl@tis-FM is a vital tool for all organizations that have their sights set on the future.


  • Multi Company
  • Multi Currency / Multilingual
  • Multiple charts of accounts
  • Dynamic Unlimited Accounts
       and Transaction Analysis
  • Allocations
  • Budgeting
  • Dynamic Creation of new
        Transaction Journals

  • Payments
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Generation of cheques
  • Accounts Analysis
  • Cost centres
  • Financial Analysis tools
  • Dynamic Report Generation
  • Download the pdf here.

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